Unique Hardscaping Ideas That Will Make You the Envy of Your Neighborhood

stamped concrete patio designsIn American culture the backyard is hallowed ground. Barbecues, grills, pools, and long summer days are deeply ingrained in the American psyche. After all, owning your own home is part and parcel of the American dream, and what is a home without an awesome backyard?
In designing the ultimate backyard experience, it’s not enough to focus on landscaping. Too often homeowners forget to incorporate hardscaping elements into their designs as well. Fortunately, there are more and more contractors offering original and affordable hardscaping services.
If you want a backyard that will be the envy of your neighbors, then here are some unique hardscaping ideas to consider:

  • Consider Terraces
    Don’t feel compelled to work in only one dimension. You can easily use your backyard space in unusual ways by making complete use of all available dimensions. Consider width, depth, and height in your creations.

  • Pocket Gardens
    If you’re a gardener, consider incorporating “pocket gardens” into your work. To do this, leave empty spaces in your concrete, brick, or stone pavement where you can plant a mini garden. This could include one or two small flowerbeds, a small tree, or perennials unique to your ecosystem. These micro gardens will create a pop of color and a whimsical flourish to an otherwise ordinary backyard space.

  • Remember Water Features
    If you have the budget, then consider installing fountains into your landscaping and hardscaping. There are fountains of all sizes and type, from classic Greco-Roman sculptures to bizarre contemporary designs. When you spend time outside, the sounds of rushing water will relax and soothe you. If you have a pool, then some type of additional water feature is a must.

  • Decks and Patios
    As we mentioned before, spending time in the backyard is a hallowed American tradition. And there’s no better place to spend time outdoors than on your very own patio or deck. If you plan to stay in your home for a long time, concrete decks and patios will last the longest and require the least maintenance. Plus, there are many stamped concrete patio designs that mimic the look of wood, brick, stone, and more. Not only that, but you can find stamped concrete colors to match any space. A raised deck or patio is an ideal choice, as it will allow you to gaze out at your landscaping and backyard. This also allows you to play with dimensions in interesting ways.

  • Stamped Concrete Concepts
    Many homeowners are resistant to concrete, as it can be a brutal and harsh material to work with. However, that’s no longer true, and stamped concrete patio designs don’t have to be gray and ugly. Concrete contractors will use stamps for concrete to imprint designs into their handiwork, and you can choose from hundreds of stamped concrete designs, pattern, overlays, and other options. Plus, it finally gives your kids the chance to mark their initials in concrete, another classic American dream.

How do we know improving backyard spaces is popular? According to a recent survey, the majority of homeowners in the process of upgrading their outdoors spaces are focusing on their backyard, at 64% of renovators. Not only that, but 58% of these homeowners described these upgrades as “substantial.”
If you’re upgrading your backyard, consider using stamped concrete patio designs, unexpected dimensions and terraces, pops of color, and micro gardens for a unique and whimsical space.

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