Concrete Colored Floors

One of the most obvious benefits of colored concrete is that it hides stains very well. Consider the tire, dirt and oil marks left on a standard light gray concrete driveway. Now, consider how these same stains would be barely seen under the guise of a darker, mottled-color concrete.

Another advantage of coloring your concrete is that the process itself often makes the concrete more durable and stain-resistant. This is a definite advantage to larger and well-used areas.

Of course, the aesthetic properties alone make concrete a great alternative to expensive tile, stone or woodwork for inside spaces. You can mimic the beautiful textures and colors of natural materials while keeping both your installation and maintenance costs much, much lower.


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Finally, there are methods to color existing concrete installations – meaning you do not have to start over to get a completely new look. This saves a tremendous amount of time, effort and money.

Stains provide a richer tone that can simulate the look of stone or wood. A stain penetrates the concrete itself, offering permanent, translucent color. Different effects are achieved by using either acid-based or water-based stains. Stains can be applied to new or old concrete and the penetration enables great UV stability and wear – meaning stains may be used for interior or exterior surfaces.

Concrete dyes are used for the boldest colors and more complex patterns. Dye colors are more predictable than stains and may be polished. Dyes are best for inside applications, as fading may occur with direct sunlight.

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