Maintain Your Backyard Hardscaping With These Simple Tips

concrete overlayIncluding decorative concrete in your backyard design is an elegant way to add personal touches all year around. But to keep these details looking beautiful for as long as possible, it’s important to maintain your hardscaping. Otherwise, they could fall victim to excess wear and tear. From your stamped concrete pieces to general concrete overlays, follow these tips to keep your hardscaping in great shape.

  1. Seal and Re-Seal: The seasons can do a job on your cement pieces. Winter snow, spring rain, and autumn leaves can all wear out your hardscaping, so be sure to use the summer to reseal all of your pieces. This will protect them from water damage and other natural threats.

  3. Clean Up Stains: While you are enjoying your outdoor barbecues and allowing little ones to run around your yard, people may drop food and drinks on your concrete. Natural elements can also cause these stains. Use boiling water or a gentle outdoor cleaner to remove these stains.

  5. Avoid Water Buildup: Flooding can wear out your concrete and the ground underneath, so do what you can to keep water away from your hardscaping features. One of the best ways to do this is to keep your gutters, downspouts, and roof clear of debris.

  7. Keep Ice Away: While it may feel like a tedious job, take the time during the winter to clear ice off of your stamped concrete and patio. This is especially true if you use salt to keep ice at bay, since the salt can be damaging if it sits on the concrete.

  9. Scrub Often: As a general maintenance rule, be sure to include basic cleaning into your hardscaping maintenance schedule. Use a hard brush to remove dirt and other debris from your exterior concrete designs.

A recent survey found that 83% of Americans think that having a yard is important, and 90% of homeowners with a yard think it’s important to maintain it. Keeping your hardscaping in good shape is an important part of this maintenance. Your decorative concrete overlay is a beautiful part of your backyard, and you should do what you can to keep it that way.

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